On Line Race Results

 Team Pursuit 2011

How do we work out the times?, the start time for all runners is preset and the runners go on the timing clock according to their numbers, the finish time is again on the timing clock by an independent person, the computer takes the finish time minus the start time, then adds them all up for the team letter in seconds, ie points, until the computer prints out the list nobody, including our self's knows who the winner is. When we put the numbers and times into the computer they are just THAT, numbers and times, not name and faces.  We hope this explains how it works.

Team Points & Times Updated

S SARN HELEN A 03:25:01 12301
P TROTS MEN 03:37:37 13057
N PEMBS TRI MEN 03:56:20 14180
U PEMBS SOME CHANCE ME 03:57:14 14234
G TROTS LADIES 04:04:59 14699
K SARN HELEN B 04:07:23 14843
L INGLI 04:11:22 15082
M PEMBS TRI LADIES 04:14:51 15291
H EMLYN RUNNERS MEN 04:14:53 15293
O CARDIGAN MEN 04:15:27 15327
E PEMBS NORFOLK WAY ME 04:23:59 15839
C PEMBS LADIES MAYBE 04:38:47 16727
J SARN HELEN C 04:41:40 16900
D CARDIGAN LADIES 04:49:30 17370
T TROTS ALSO RAN 05:01:09 18069
B EMLYN RUNNERS LADIES 3 05:28:20 15338
A PEMBS NO CHANCE 05:40:17 20417
W ONLINE INVITE 06:01:03 21663

May we both thank all who ran and those who helped to make this the success the event was, our local AM, Paul Davies

These Results are from the Time Sheets of the Time Recorders. 

If your time is wrong email   to info@onlineraceresults.co.uk.  THANKS  Pat Sherwood